Thursday, December 18, 2014

Invitation to a Blog Hop

Nanette Zeller: NanetteSewZ

As Nanette mentioned, she was assigned as technical editor for my C&T publication Strip & Knit with Style. We bonded immediately. We have never met, face to face, yet we're always in contact over the years. That's how I got involved in this hop. Thanks, Nanette!

I answered the four questions as I had been asked. After much thought what I have came to me as I started writing the answers on the blog. 

I passed the blog hop reigns to Karen Neary of sewkaren-lycreated and took her introduction from her blog profile.

"I'm a quilt and pattern designer, award winning quilt maker, author and teacher. Since 1989, I have published well over 300 quilting patterns in magazines such as McCall's Quilting, Quilter's Newsletter, Quilt World, The Canadian Quilter and Quilter's Connection. I have contributed designs to 14 different books and co-authored Canadian Heritage Quilting with Diane Shink."

What am I working on? 

At present I am working on creating a new product for my label The Mad Hatter of Maui. I use minky (a plush fabric) as the backing for large and small children's blankets. Although the fabric yardage of 2-1/2 yards yields 2 large and 4 small blankets, there are plenty of usable scraps and I have been developing a new product from the leftovers. I have the logistics of the product worked out but now I am stymied as to the design... I could simply make it a rectangular shape, but my products for MHOM are reflective of Hawaii, and a simple geometric shape doesn't speak of this. I am drawn to the simplicity of the rectangle and the ease with which I could produce the item - that is very appealing - yet to make a fun shape is more labor intensive, and therefore less appealing - so right now I am letting the idea boil, boil - toil and bubble until I hopefully am given the epiphany I am seeking and have that, "Ah-ha!" moment that gives me my cake and the ability to eat it too!

How does my work differ from others in this genre? 

The first answer that comes to mind is, "Because it is mine!" I know that sounds a bit flip, egocentric and a non-answer answer but in essence, simply put, that is the truth. Like most (many? all?) artists, the fact that an idea or concept has been filtered through my brain makes it different from others because I believe we all are wired to process the same stimuli, information, and reality that is innate and unique. The best example I can think of are languages. Each language has a different way of conveying the same word - red, for example. Rouge, red, rojo,rot... would be a few familiar ones. Each word different yet similar and all conveying the same thing (and I have no idea why I chose the color RED).

Why do I create what I do? 

I create what I do because I see many things around me as useful art materials - and I am not just referring to the mediums that can be found in an art supply store or craft and hobby shop. But my sight is limited to that which I can relate to: just because I don't see something as being useful does not mean it isn't... it just isn't useful to me... So I create things that are a reflection of my aesthetics, my psyche... my soul; of my likes and dislikes, my personality traits and lacks thereof, of my preferences and prejudices... There is a piece of me in everything I do and if you look at my work, there is a common thread that sews all of my creativity together like a string of lights or telephone wire swagged between poles, or popped corn and sugared cranberries on an old fashioned style Christmas tree garland.

How does my creative process work? 

For some reason when I read this question I immediately thought of the saying, "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?" Does the process dictate the intended outcome or does the intended outcome dictate the process? I believe it is both. I might see something that I want to create and then I might want to create something that only I can see in my head. I might see a beautiful flower and want to document its beauty in creating it for what it is and I might "see" a cat doing the breaststroke and need to create it for what it is I know will be seen and accepted by others. Whichever it might be, the creative process is always a journey of exploration, striving to learn and to push myself artistically and technically, and to express myself by using as many of the senses as possible.

Karen will be the next on the list and then after that we both tried recruiting others to participate to only find that they had already done so. If you're just joining the hop here, then keep traveling back in the timeline and you'll surely find many, many interesting creative bloggers that might help you in your artistic pursuits.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lilikoi Butter

Lilikoi, or Passion fruit blossoms. Notice the similarities and distinctive differences in the blooms. The one on the left produces the yellow skinned fruits, while the one on the right, the purple skinned ones. The flavor is basically the same with the purple skinned fruit tasting a bit more perfumy, in my opinion.

The fruits from both of these vines shown whole and cut in half.

The lilikoi scooped out of the shells into a wire mesh strainer over a measuring cup to collect the juices

Strained lilikoi juice

Organic sweet butter and local eggs

Butter melting in a pot of just boiling lilikoi juice

The butter and juice mixture with the addition of raw organic cane sugar

The mixture after adding the tempered eggs to the butter/juice/sugar

The butter poured into the individual canning jars

Friday, December 5, 2014

Got Pin?

Do you pin?

If you don't then just skim through the boards and look at the pictures. 

It's a work in progress but eventually I hope to have a comprehensive online portfolio of my work - everything from designs, fabric, projects, photos, food and whatnot.

So why don't you hop on over and see what I've got pinned thus far?

See ya there!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bottled Water

Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water, that is...

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hawaiian Chili Peppers

I've had an Hawaiian chili pepper plant for quite some time now. The one I have in a large plastic pot I believe is several - three, four plants. 

It's produced many peppers since I relocated to Kahului - I think the warm and dry of the sun complimented by regular watering were all key.

I've been picking and freezing the firey-red 3/8"-1" peppers.

Today I made Chili Olive Oil and Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water.

Hawaiian Chili Pepper Oil

Hawaiian Chili Peppers and local Garlic simmering in a reduction of coconut water, Hawaiian salt and rice vinegar. I replaced the filtered water with the same amount of coconut water.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shave Ice Bib

New bib fabric pattern for the Olowalu General Store - - they sell shave ice and this print is a natural... the order is for 6: the front will all be the same each with a different color back - red, yellow, pink, purple, blue and green - the colors of an Hawaiian rainbow.

And a couple of related pics...

Monday, November 10, 2014